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Aviation careers include a long list of occupations that are not limited to piloting. The career options in this field are generally technical and require a background in technology, engineering, and mathematics. An advantage to selecting an aviation career is that many jobs in this field do not require a college degree. Thus, this is an ideal field for individuals who are not attending college. Aviation careers offer steady employment with the option of advancement. In addition, airports are located in all cities, thus individuals who work in aviation are able to relocate and secure employment.

Piloting is a well-known aviation career. Piloting for a major commercial airliner is a highly sought after occupation. This occupation gives a pilot the opportunity to travel to different parts of the country. The benefits are also very attractive. Pilot may only work two weeks out of month, while enjoying a generous six-figure salary. Additional aviation careers in piloting include helicopter pilot, test pilot, military pilot, and corporate pilot. Although these fields do not require a four-year degree, college is preferred. Flight schools also provide pilots with the necessary training that will equip them for passing certification and licensing tests.

Aviation careers in aircraft maintenance include mechanics and technicians. Mechanics main responsibility is to inspect airplanes to ensure that every component is operating properly. There job entails performing routine maintenance and emergency maintenance services. Mechanics earn a modest salary and do not need a college education. However, technical training in aircraft mechanics is necessary. Aircraft technician are the individuals who install equipment such as navigational systems, radios, weather devices, autopilots, and radars.

Aviation careers in airport operations include flight dispatchers, ground attendants, air traffic controllers, ticket agents, flight attendants, baggage handlers, and so forth. Although these individuals do not work with the technical side of aviation, they ensure that the transition from ground to air is smooth.

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