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Careers After Retirement

Those who plan early for their retirement are generally able to live comfortably off of their pensions, social security, and investment funds. There was a time when a person would retire after 30 long years and never return to work. However, due to a rise in the cost of living, many elderly individuals are forced to choose a career after retirement.

Careers after retirement are not always a thrilling subject. Those who retire early may be eager to begin a new career. This may be the case for individuals who retire from the military or from jobs they began directly out of high school. In most cases, people are afraid to switch employment at mid-career. Changing careers usually results in a significant pay decrease. Those who want to try their hand at a different occupation may opt for an early retirement. This allows the opportunity for many to have an occupation they enjoy.

On the other hand, those who retire at the age of 65 or later may not want a career after retirement. Unfortunately, many of the elderly quickly realize that their funds after retirement are not enough to sustain them. They may be able to take a year or two off from work; however they eventually have to obtain a part time job to remain financially afloat.

Elderly who are interested in careers after retirement have several options. Rarely do the elderly obtain full time positions. In most cases they select part time positions in customer service or in retail outlets. These occupations are in a fun atmosphere and allow the elderly to interact with people.

Additional careers after retirement may include securing temporary employment in the field they worked in prior to retiring. For example, a teacher may begin substituting and an executive may take temp positions as a receptionist or secretary. Of course, there is always the option of volunteer work. Volunteer work is ideal for retirees who do not necessary need the extra income, but at the same time do not want to become idle. Great places to volunteer include hospitals, libraries, and day care centers.

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