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There are several careers in construction to choose between. When many think of a career in construction, they envision an extremely laborious occupation building roadways and buildings. On the other hand, many jobs in construction are not hands-on. Prior to a building or home being constructed, floor plans must be designed and the construction site prepared.

Those working behind the scenes in construction include the architect and surveyor. If you were to drive around your local area, you will likely observe a construction in progress. Many view the actually construction crew as the real miracle workers. Although plans and designs must be put into place by designers, construction workers are the ones who must work a laborious job in all weather conditions, often times with little pay.

Architecture is an exciting career in construction, especially for someone who enjoys designing buildings. Architectures can either design commercial structures or residential structures. It takes skills and training to become an architect. This occupation requires a college degree, and in most cases, the student must perform well in math. When drafting a building, architects must be able to design a floor plan that is accurate in size and elevation.

Surveyor is another career in construction. The job of a surveyor is to measure and map out the earths surface. Prior to constructing a building or residential home, the land must be surveyed. In fact, surveyors perform the first step in land development. Once the land is surveyed, a surveyor will write a description of the land to determine whether it is a feasible construction site. Surveyors work a typical 40 hour work week. However, the nature of their job requires them to spend a lot of time outdoors. Field work may require them to stand for long periods or walk a great distance. In many cases, they perform field work in unfavorable weather conditions.

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