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Careers In Cosmetology

Careers in cosmetology are fun, unique, and have a huge income potential. Many choose careers in cosmetology because they allow creativity. Common occupations include hair stylist, nail technicians, barbers, makeup artists, and massage therapist. Working behind a desk is not for everyone. Individual who work in the cosmetology field generally want a job that is flexible and allows them to be mobile.

Those who have careers in cosmetology are likely self-employed. Many hair stylists rent a booth from the salon owner. The salon owner generally has no control over the hours a hair stylist chooses to work. The only thing a salon owner cares about is receiving their weekly booth rental. Thus, hair stylists are independent contractors. They set their own schedule and do not have to request time off from work. On the other hand, hair stylist that work at salons that pay a salary are required to punch a clock and work a set schedule.

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Careers in cosmetology also include employment as a nail technician. Nail technicians provide manicures and pedicures to patrons. Today, many women consider nail care an essential part of beauty. In fact, nail care may become a bi-weekly ritual. Individuals who work in this field of cosmetology are trained in nail care. Nail technicians use products that promote healthy nails, and have an amazing technique for making nail color lasts for weeks.

Makeup artist and skin care consultants are thoroughly trained in techniques to improve our skin. Skin care consultants offer ways to enhance our natural appearance. Makeup artist are knowledgeable about different ways to apply makeup, as well as which color combinations suit our complexion. Makeup artistry is an exciting field, and employees have the potential to earn a substantial income. Artist will great skills and talent could advance in this field and become a television or movie makeup artist.

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