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Many people wish for a job that is rewarding and benefits their community. Those interested in helping others may consider a career in law. Careers in law may include a wide range of occupations such as police officers, lawyers, and so forth. These careers are incredibly humanitarian and noble, yet several will confess to disliking attorneys and police officers. Although they may be justified in their feelings, both attorneys and police officers are necessary. Cooperatively they help keep criminals off the street.

Attorneys are one of the most profitable careers in law. This may contribute to why many have hopes of one day becoming a lawyer. While being a lawyer is exciting, a lawyer's day is not exactly how it may be depicted on television. Television programs showcase lawyers giving persuasive closing arguments and successfully prosecuting criminals. However, these programs do not show the amount of hours a lawyer works or the pressures they face when trying to defend a guilty client.

Individuals interested in becoming an attorney must receive a Bachelors degree from a college or university. Future lawyers generally obtain degrees in English, history, political science, or criminal justice. After receiving their B.A., student must apply to law school. Most strive to attend a well-known law school such as Harvard, Yale, and so forth. Unfortunately, admittance to these schools is very difficult. Because of so many applicants, these schools are forced to only admit the best of the best. In addition, attending one of these Ivy League schools is expensive. Those who attend top law schools are generally from wealthy families or have scholarships.

Another career in law that does not require four-years of college, and additional two-years of law school, is a police officer. Although a degree is not required to become a police officer, some police officials begin their careers by taking courses in criminal justice. These classes provide them with a comprehensive knowledge of law procedures. Police officers are required to attend police academy. Prior to becoming an officer of the law, students must pass drug tests and have a satisfactory DMV record and background history.

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