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Careers in pharmacy are ideal for individuals who want a health care position that is rewarding and offers many options. Today, pharmacists have several employment options available to them. Those who are unfamiliar with a pharmacists work assume that all pharmacist work in drug stores dispensing medication. However, pharmacist may be employed by hospitals or drug research companies

Those who choose a career in pharmacy have the option of working as a community pharmacist. Community pharmacists are employed in community drug stores and often become acquainted with their customers. When a customer is given a prescription from a physician, they take the prescription to the community pharmacist who will dispense the medication. In addition, community pharmacists are responsible for keeping up-to-date records, ordering medication, and accurately monitoring a patient's drug activity.

A further career in pharmacy is an institutional pharmacist. These pharmacists are employed by hospitals and other nursing facilities. The duties of an institutional pharmacist are similar to a community pharmacist. However, pharmacists that are employed by a healthcare facility have a more in-depth role. They not only supply patient medications, they are also responsible for supervising drug therapy, preparing IV's, acquiring and monitoring in-stock medication, managing drug administration, and so forth.

Careers in pharmacy also include being employed by drug industries or working as a pharmaceutical researcher. Individuals with these positions conduct drug research to monitor possible side effects that may result from certain medications. Drug companies that develop and manufacture medication are always seeking pharmacists who want to expand their career.

Those who are working towards a career in pharmacy are required to complete a five-year Bachelor of Science in pharmacy. After completing the necessary coursework, those who hold a degree in pharmacy must pass their state's licensing exam. Prior to becoming a practicing pharmacist, pharmacy graduates must complete an internship under the direction of a licensed pharmacist.

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