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Financial service careers include occupations such as bank tellers, mortgage lenders, bank call centers, and so forth. Those interested in beginning a financial service career may attend a college or university and receive a degree in finance. However, this is not a requirement. In fact, VP and Presidents of many companies - large and small - are individuals who have never stepped foot in a college classroom. In corporate world there is a process referred to as "climbing the corporate ladder." Individuals who climb this ladder do so by receiving promotions that place them in a higher, authoritative position. These promotions usually include a generous salary increase.

Receiving a college degree in finance may result in some climbing that ladder faster than others. Nonetheless, obtaining a degree does not guarantee success for those who choose a financial service career, nor does it guarantee that a person without a degree will remain in the same low-paying, entry-level position.

Individuals beginning a financial service career without a degree may start by working as a bank teller or a financial services representative. Both of these positions require excellent customer service skills. Not only are representatives dealing with people, but they are also handling money. Money has a way of brining out the worse in people, thus tellers and financial representatives may encounter rude bank customers. Despite rudeness, those in these positions must remain positive, listen to customer concerns, and work with customer to find a solution.

Financial service careers could potentially become stressful. These occupations are fast-paced and problems are common. Employees must be attentive to small details, be able to work quickly and proficiently, and have great organizational skills. Individuals who choose careers in finance should have an interest in money and investments. Lack of interest in these fields could lead to boredom and disappointment.

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