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Marketing careers are unique and fun. These employment opportunities involve working with the media and arranging promotional campaigns. Those who select a marketing career generally obtain a college degree in marketing or communications. College training is great for equipping someone for a career in marketing.

One marketing career that is gaining a lot of attention is advertising and public relations. Those who work in advertising have the opportunity to design promotional campaigns for television, radio, and billboard. Individuals who work in public relations are responsible for gaining their client media coverage. This may include soliciting news pieces to news reporters and news papers. The goal of those working in these fields is to gain massive promotion for a product.

Another exciting marketing career is market research. The purpose of research is to determine what the people want. Those in this field must have knowledge of how the market works. Most market research is conducted through focus groups and surveys. The goal of these tools is to determine which products consumers consider valuable and which products need improving. Those who work in market research are responsible for designing survey questions and arranging focus groups. This is a great career in a fun atmosphere.

Product management is a marketing career that is very detailed, but lucrative. The goal of a product manager is to market and develop products. These individuals must have a vivid imagination and be able to foresee how consumers will respond to a particular product. Prior to developing a product, products managers must do their research and determine what the people want.

Retailing is an additional marketing career that is well suited for people who are interested in marketing and retail. Retailing does not only involve working in a clothing store as a sales rep. Those in the retailing end of marketing are responsible for purchasing, store management, and merchandising. This is a fast-paced career that requires being knowledgeable about current trends.

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