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Retail careers are perfect for individuals who have a passion for shopping. Many will view a retail store job as an employment opportunity for teenagers and young adults. However, many who work in retail earn a great income. This is because upscale retail stores offer their employees commission. Thus, many who choose retail careers are paid a salary plus commission.

There are several retail careers to choose between. Many began their retail career as a sales associate. The duties of a sales associate include ensuring that the floor is organized and clothes are hung properly. Associates also assist customers and work the cash register. When sale or promotions occur, associates are also responsible for making sure that all items are properly marked down. The least favorite part of being a retail sales associate is stocking shelves and racks with the latest inventory.

Those interested in advancing their retail career may become an assistant manager, manager, or general manager of a retail store. Managers are experienced and skilled in customer service. Becoming a manager of a retail store is attainable. Many obtain this position through promotions, whereas others may take courses in management. Those with a degree in business or management may be able to secure a manager position without beginning their retail career as a sales representative.

Personal shopper is a retail career that is exciting and unique. The duty of a personal shopper is to shop for those who do not have time. In most cases, a personal shopper's clients will be wealthy or business owners. Those interested in this career need to be knowledgeable about current trends and fashions. In addition, the shopper must be aware of their client's personal style. Personal shoppers may also be used for purchasing gifts for family and friends. Individuals who want a career as a personal shopper should begin by soliciting business from family, friends, old co-workers, etc. This will help the shopper gain valuable working experience.

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